Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mars: Lin Chee Kang

The housemates and I went to Lincoln's Inn a couple of days ago to take portrait pictures of us in full costume! (^_^)v But the walk home was terribly cold!

As soon as I stepped in the house, I ran into the kitchen to make some hot Lin Chee Kang. (^^,)v

Lin Chee Kang
- Incredibly easy to make! It's just throwing things into a pot and letting it come to a boil!

I used:
- White fungus
- Dried chestnuts
- Dried longan
- Dried lotus seeds
- Rock Candy

The softer you want the ingredients to be, the longer you leave it to boil on low heat!

Then sit by the window and enjoy your hot bowl of Lin Chee Kang. (^_^)v

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