Thursday, December 3, 2009

Mars: Stuffed Peppers

Deadlines are coming up and this part of the Earth is getting colder by the day~ (=_=)"

I felt like putting in some effort for dinner so I made peppers stuffed with couscous, chicken, tomatoes and onion chutney~

Tho it does sound like a lot of work, it took me about 20 mins from start to finish including cleaning up!

Stuffed Peppers
1. Boil the couscous on the hob for about 4 minutes and stir in a knob of butter and/or salt to give it more flavour. Include any kind of herbs you want - I do suggest coriander leaves. (^_^)v
2. Slice onions and fry it on a low fire until its soft and slightly brown. Add herbs - I used thyme and basil. Add in a splosh of apple cider vinegar. Then add sugar to sweeten it and add salt to taste. Set aside to cool.
3. Slice or cube chicken breast and pan fry them in the same pan as the onions.
4. Mix the couscous, onions, chicken and cherry tomatoes in a bowl and stuff it in a hollowed out red pepper.
5. Either grill or pan fry the pepper until the skin chars.

Place on a plate and slice in half~ Serve with pickled jalapenos for an extra kick. (^_^)v

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