Friday, August 28, 2009

Sush: Bistro desserts anyone?

So I was in London last Friday evening to meet up with one of my girlfriends who is in the country on holiday for a whole month with her family. (I know, how lucky!) There are actually pretty few of my old high school clique who either came to study in the UK or have stayed back and are now working here. So when I heard she was visiting, it was like a small delight of home visiting. We had dinner with a couple of the guys who are also still here.

After, Mars, Vic, Leanne and I met up for dessert/late dinner (for them) at Browns in Covent Garden. Its a bar slash bistro which is actually pretty cozy. Been there for brunch once too which was pretty decent! Not as good as my two favourite brunch haunts in London though (more on those places later on). Twas good to see them again after so long. I've actually been cooped up at home everyday, and even over the weekends as my exams are in 1 week. It was a refreshing evening to say the least! :) And I haven't had decadent dessert in a long, long time.

Raspberry and chocolate brownie with creamy vanilla ice cream.

Crabmeat spread on bruschetta and rocket. Yums! :)

Ok am peckish again...

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