Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sush: Custard goodness

If its one thing I truly enjoy baking its these golden babies right here. :)
Cream puffs! These are not like the ones you get in your local bakery; those are filled with cream most of the time. These have actual custard which I feel tastes so much better than just cream. If you're gonna put the calories in your mouth, might as well put better tasting ones right? ;)

Its a joy, using a piping tube to lay the batter out on the baking tray and see them rise, turn golden and fluffy in the oven.
The best part is when you get to pipe the custard into the puff itself! Again, using a piping tube (just because its easier that way), you fill each individual puff with the custard.

Once the puff is filled...pop it into your mouth. Trust me, nothing gets better than the feeling of a warm cream puff filled with a warm custard center in your mouth. ;) Truly almost orgasmic/food heaven.

Warning though, cream puffs aren't the easiest things to make. The custard has to be at the right temperature when stirring, otherwise when you add the custard powder in, lumps will form. (Yes, I make my custard from scratch.) And well, the whole recipe essentially takes a lot of time and patience! This is why my Dad only gets to eat them when I'm back home for the holidays. Mum's too lazy to make them. ;)

The end result more than makes up for the time and effort put in. Maybe I'm addicted to that feeling of the warm custard oozing onto my palate. Hee. Pity though that these take a while to make, but they're pretty much gone in 24 hours!

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