Friday, August 20, 2010

Jade: Bitemybrownies#2

I'm pre-nights today. And while I'm absolutely shitting myself at the thought of having to deal with surgical emergencies at 3 in the morning...or worse..having to wake my registrar up to deal with surgical emergencies at 3 in the morning...I'm quite enjoying this lull before the storm. I woke up today and realized I could actually go back to bed if I wanted to... I no longer have to live in the dark..literally..because I finally have time to speak to accomodation services about the light that's blown. Even ringing the bank and being put
on hold for half an hour felt like a treat. So as I walked into my kitchen last night, relishing the peace and quiet...I felt a little celebratory baking was in order...something sweet..something deliciously sinful...Something like thick slabs of fudgy brownies with salted caramel swirls.......These are going to the Obs and Gynae department, where people actually enjoy chocolate. Here's hoping no one gets stomped on by a horse tonight..


  1. yums. you have to bake for me when you come to KL for CNY. you owe me for your FFK. and now you have more followers!

  2. good to see u have started some baking dear... They look yummy!!!