Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mars: BELGO, Seven Dials

I LOVED the feel of the place!

I kinda just realized that I'm writing about places that I've always taken for granted because it's always there! I mean yeah, everyone would write up about the amazing places they've been to, but these chains are really not all that bad! And good value for those living on a stuednt budget! (^_^)
v So, yesh! (^_^)v

One of the things that impressed me about BELGO is the sheer friendliness of the waiters working! I mean, come on! It does make the whole dining experience even better when you're greeted with a smile! (^_^)v Not like some places I know of~ (=_=)"

Jade and I decided to split a pot of mussles and a starter.

And that was enough to fill our bellies to the brim. Mind you, I have a huge belly to begin with! (^_^)"v

Since I cannot have the ones with wine in them, we opted for the Green Thai mussel pot! I'm a sucker for things that have coriander in them. And this was awesome! (^_^)v We (by that I think I'm supposed to me 'I') almost tipped the pot over to get more of the juices out!

The starter was a salad with goats cheese on huge ass croutons! With a thick balsamic dressing! I LOVEd it! It's an incredible winning combination! And I was able to recreate it in mai kitchen! (^_^)v
Happy Jade with her power ring!

Belgo Centraal
50 Earlham St, London, WC2H
Open 7 days a week - Mon - Sat 12 noon - 11pm; Sun 12 noon - 10.30pm
Interesting Offers: Express Lunch £7.50; Beat the Clock! (5.oo - 6.30pm weekdays!)

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