Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mars: Noodle Oodle, Bayswater

I was really happy when this place opened in Bayswater. After years of wondering why no one has tried opening a halal duck restaurant in London, Noodle Oodle finally did it! (^_^)v

Personally, I am quite happy with the quality of the duck. Tho at times, I do get really fatty ones. (T_T)v Then again, taste-wise, I'm prolly not the best person to ask about especially since there's a lot of Four Seasons-lovers around and I've never had duck in London before Noodle Oodle opened. (^_^)"v

I'm just happy there is a halal option now for duck in the UK. (^_^)v And I don't have to sit out when other people eat duck around me~ Wheeeeeee~

The lunch offers are not at all bad. A 3 course meal consisting of a starter of 3 dumplings, the main course and a dessert and all for about 9 quid is kinda okay! The dessert is a mango grapefruit 'pudding' that clears the palate after the meal! ;) And is prolly the best part of the offer!

If you're a student, you do get a 20% discount - but I think you need to ask for it. :D

Yeay for halal duck in London! (^o^)v

And now, I wish for a halal bulgogi place in London!!!!

Noodle Oodle, Bayswater
106 Queensway, Paddington, London, W2 3RR

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