Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jade: Bitemykaya

I love Roald Dahl books..I love them for their simplicity and almost lyrical prose, I love how his characters seem to think the exact same thoughts as I do..and how they are brave enough to act on those naughty impulses..but most of all, I love the way he incorporates food into every one of his intricately spun tales ~ from the juicy meat pies and roasted stolen pheasants in Danny to the little aniseed balls I used to crave for in Boy...Imagine my delight when I discovered his granddaughter, equally witty with a deliciously impish demeanour, has a cooking show on BBC featuring themes, my favourite of which is the ultimate selfish day~ A day dedicated entirely to self indulgence. If you think about it, so much of our time is spent worrying about one thing or the other..sometimes pencilling in some down time is a lot more effort that it's worth. But with 2 months to finals, I thought a selfish day sounded like the perfect thing to do ;)

Kaya ~ [an hour of mindless stirring in preparation for my favourite selfish breakfast: Kaya toast and soft boiled eggs, light on the soy, heavy on the pepper]

4 large eggs
80g castor sugar
120g brown sugar
1 tbsp chopped up gula melaka
300g coconut milk

1. Beat eggs on medium speed
2. Add sugar and beat on high

3. Add coconut milk and beat on high for another minute or so
4. Sieve and transfer into a double boiler
5. Cook over low heat until it coats the back of your spoon. Should take about an hour
6. Throw in a pinch of salt at the end, and don't fret if some bits curdle. Just run it through a sieve and you'll end up with a smooth, luscious jam
7. Toast some bread, top with thick chunks of butter and slather with freshly made kaya....sweet coconut jam, slightly salty butter..melted into the tiniest crevices of crispy, hot you blame me for not wanting to share?;)

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