Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mars: Rossopomodoro

The 3 of us wanted something fast and close by to go eat, and since we were all extremely lazy to cook that night, being it our first night back from Iceland, we opted for Rossopomodoro on Monmouth Street.

We pass it everyday to and from College and I wonder why we've never thought of going in.

It's your standard Italian place to go to I suppose. Nice atmosphere, people bustling here and there and laughter from every table - which is exactly what I expect from an awesome Italian restaurant. Both my housemates were vegetarian that day, so I was happily picking (stealing) from their plates.

We had the spaghetti with cherry tomatoes and basil - a classic and something one can never go wrong with. And a different sort of pasta that looks like thick but very short linguinis.

The dolces were nice. At least I knew mine was. Had the Nero Magna - which is prolly exactly like Nigella's Chocolate Molten Babycakes. This was awesome - warm and soft on the outside, gooey and oh-so-chocolately on the inside. The ice cream was a bit too sweet tho, but I was happy enjoying the chocolate bliss on my own~

The housemates' verdict on the tiramisu was - nice but a little bit too much coffee. Coffee is good tho. The housemates normally enquire whether there is alcohol in the stuff that they eat so that in the case that there is they can stop me from picking off their desserts.

My housemates rwk. (^_^)v

50 - 52 Monmouth Street, WC2H9EP
Tel. 0207 240 9095,
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12.00-24.00


  1. You've got to try their pizzas! I do believe it's what they're famous for.

  2. will keep that in mind! thanks!!! (^_^)v