Thursday, November 12, 2009

Mars: Tea @ Yauatcha

Sush has awesomely posted a little something about this fusion dim sum place - which is really good. I'm not a fan of fusion, but Yauatcha does good stuff!

Jade and I recently went there again for tea - because I was really craving the Kumquat Jasmine tea. I freaked out when I didn't see it on the menu! Tip of the day: Always worth it to ask the waitress about whatever you're used to having at a restaurant. They lady said that they can make it for me! (^o^)v

Passion fruit & lime tea
Papaya smoothie
Kumquat Jasmine tea

We also had this lemon & cola tart - which was kinda nice.
I'm not as good as the other 2 describing the taste but I'll try. When you first bite into this thing, you're immediately hit with a strong tart lemony taste, but as you get used to it, the creamy-ness of the center of the tart come out and you'll fine yourself wanting more! The cola marshmallows at the top was cute. Not a fan of marshmallows, so I left most of it to Jade. She thot they were cute - and that's why she liked them.

The macaroons were (I think and expect) not as great as the ones Sush had in Paris. But these ones had unusual flavours to them. The green was pandan, the pink in the back was hibuscus, the blue was most probably blueberry, the brown was coffee, the yellowish one was apricot and ginger and the purple was some other kind of flower.

Worth a shot if you're up for it! But Yauatcha... still go for the dim sum! Really! (^_^)v

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