Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sush: Pierre Hermé, the Chanel of macaroons

I took a quick weekend break in Paris over the weekend. T'was feeling a tad bit burned out from work. No, make that very burned out. The trip itself was fulfilling in its own right. I spent my money on nothing else but good food. :)

But first of all, may I present to you the most divine macaroons my teeth have sunk into. From where you say?

Pierre Hermé!

This shop made an appearance in Gossip Girl at the very last episode of Season 2 I believe. When Chuck actually flew all the way to Paris to buy Queen 'B' these lil' babies because they were her favourite.

Last scene in GG Season 2. Picture taken from

Touted by websites and guidebooks as the 'Chanel of bakeries and macaroons', these gorgeous things did not disappoint!

I have tried Paul's macaroons (you can find this patisserie around London. Just see Mars's post below) and LaDuree's as well. LaDuree's are a tad bit too sweet for me. I don't taste the individual flavours, I only taste sugar!

These on the other hand, you can taste every single flavour thats made. :) My favourite will always be pistachio. But vanilla with matcha (green tea) filling comes close in 2nd. And the blackcurrant with chocolate is also divine!

You can view more of their macaroon flavours at their website here.

But these are not for the faint hearted in terms of expenditure. Priced by weight, (because the buttercream is not consistent) a box of 7 macaroons will set you back about 9.80euros. My colleague was shocked when I told him how much they cost. Haha.

Time to consult Nigella Lawson's Domestic Goddess recipe book to learn how to produce my own pistachio macaroons. Apparently the copy I have is quite good.

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  1. ohh, i am a macaroon queen LOL, i live in Nancy, France, and i love them. The macaroon in Paul is not nice, you were right, too sweet and sometime, too 'old' and bad texture. We had a salon de the - "Recouveur" here that is doing them very nice.
    Their website:

    my favourite, is fromboise, bonbon arlequin, lilac lavender, bergamote, blackcurrent, berries, rose, coconut, blue berry.... and the list can go on lol. I am just too gourmand!!

    They are sold for 1 EURO per piece here, paris is definitely more expensive, especially where you went, it's him that makes macaroon famous