Friday, September 11, 2009

Jade: Bitemyfridayafternoon

Cooking makes me happy. Baking makes me happy.Some people go for a run to clear their heads; I rummage through my pantry and root desperately for ingredients to throw together. Failing that, some people go to church in search of inner peace; I head to Waitrose and take my time strolling down every aisle, finding comfort in the neatly arranged bottles of truffle oil, feeling a wave of calm wash over me as I stop and admire the pretty jars of flavoured sugars. Only Waitrose though. Asda gives me a headache. I'm a snob. Bite me.

{Top to bottom: Onion jam; Tau Sar P'neah; Mung bean soup with gula melaka.}

These made me happy today:)

P.S: Su-Hsien, the Tau Sar P'neah is for about your craving. recipe to follow;) x

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  1. you can freaking MAKE tau sar pheah???? iloveyou. recipe please!