Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jade: Bitemyprunes

I love prunes. I love the fudgy texture, their natural sweetness and the faint alcoholic undertones you get with it; better than chocolate, and much healthier. I'm not normally a cake person, but growing up, there was one cake my mum made that I could never resist. Prune and horlicks. It sounds like a bizzare combination...until you've tried it, then you wonder why the stuff doesn't come in a jar, ready to be spooned up and slathered over everything.

Mars, you'll remember this:) or at least you should, considering you used to break into my locked cupboard to get to it. pfft.

I've been wanting to make this for years. There's something about how the kitchen fills with a
buttery malty perfume that wraps around you like a fuzzy blanket. Takes me right back to my childhood....I used to get a chair and sit in front of the oven..didn't matter how long it took for the cake to bake, I would sit there, taking in the beautiful smell, waiting for the top of the cake to turn the perfect shade of brown.

For all it's dense richness and almost caramelly flavour, with the occasional fruity hit from the prunes, my favourite part of the cake is the outer crust. My mum used a square pan, and I would nibble away at the slightly burnt corners. I used a round doesn't give you gives you an entire outer ring of crunchy goodness;)

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