Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jade: Bitemypeppers

It's cold outside. Woolly university hoodies and the most unattractively thick track bottoms are barely keeping me warm. I flip through my collection of cookbooks to distract myself...It's not working...I am now cold AND hungry. I head to the kitchen, turn on the oven and leave the door ajar...It's not safe I know, but I'm freeeezzziinggg. I need something hot and hearty, slightly spicy, very savoury. I spy bright red peppers and jumbo garlic. The oven's already preheated in my bid to keep warm. Macam fate hor?


The kitchen fills with the earthy fragrance of roast vegetables...The garlic is now gorgeously gooey..the peppers smooth and slippery...I sautee some onions, it's almost hypnotic how they turn translucent and then slowly take on a golden hue.
I add the peppers, some roughly chopped sundried tomatoes, and a pinch of oregano. It's beginning to feel like summer again.


In go the canned tomatoes and stock...a quick whizz with my trusty stick blender, a little salt and freshly ground beautiful soup is bubbling away gently...but something's missing. I toast a seeded baguette, smoosh some roast garlic on it...I rummage for cheese...sticky stinky Brie...lovely..generous pat on the garlic....back on the heat. The bottom of the baguette is slightly scorched but I don't really care. All that matters is the melted brie running down the sides..


Crunchy garlicky crouton, velvety cheese, piping hot soup packed with flavour...mmm...I'm finally warm :)

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