Friday, September 25, 2009

Sush: Yauatcha in Soho, London

My exams have been over for about a month now, and I'm still basking in the reality that I don't have to rush home and study after work in the evenings. We'll see how I feel in 3 weeks time though..

The weekend after my exams ended, I made my way to London immediately. ;) Enjoying the freedom and releasing after being away from the city for a good month.

I met up with a couple of my Warwick girlfriends and their other halves. Yes, I played 5th wheel. We made reservations at Yauatcha in Soho for lunch on Saturday. I've always wanted to try this place since most people having attended and eaten there rave about the food.
Yauatcha is a Chinese fusion restaurant, previously owned by Alan Yau, a Hong Kong-er who owns quite a lot of the big named restaurants in London. It earned its 1 Michelin star from serving its star-quality dim sum.

Most people who enjoy the authentic Chinese dim sum would argue that the dim sum served at Yauatcha is made for the 'ang mohs'. To me, made for the 'ang mohs' or not, each bite of each dish was simply savoury heaven and left me begging for more. I'll point out my favourites as I go along. ;)

Scallop Siu Mai with roe.
This was very juicy and delicate-melt-in-your-mouth.

Chive dumplings

Your usual pork and prawn siu mai.
The prawns in it were hugeee, which is the way it should be.

Spinach Cube.
This was marinated pork cooked in a broth and wrapped in spinach. Heavenly.

Sea bass dumplings.
I kinda expected more from this dish, although the sea bass was indeed very fresh.

One of my favourites ever in dim sum history. :)
Beancurd cheung fun.
Its beancurd with prawn filling inside it, and wrapped in the most delicate layer of cheung fun skin. What I really liked about this place was the way they got the cheung fun skin right. Most of the dim sum places in London just make them too thick and floury. Urgh.

This was equally good and after a bite, it just made you crave for more.
Mushroom cheung fun.
The issue with dim sum is that you have a lil' bit of everything, and we were all fighting for this dish!

Prawn toast
King prawn covered with batter and sesame seeds, deep fried. The sesame seeds give it that slight extra crunch texture.

Pandan chicken
Although the chicken portions are small, you can really taste the pandan in the chicken.

Venison puff.
My ultimate favourite of the entire meal. I think we ordered another portion just because it was SO DAMN GOOD. The pastry is light, yet rich and coupled with the venison meat, orgasmic in your mouth. Some might feel it a tad bit salty, but I am one who prefers more salt to less hence this was nyummers. :)

The damage done to our wallets.

The place isn't cheap at all, but definitely a dining experience if you have the dough to spend. :)


15-17 Broadwick Street

Soho, London


Tel: 020 7494 8888

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