Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jade: Bitemycrisps

I was watching Rachel Allen on BBC the other day and found myself drawn to the thinly mandolinned slices of root vegetables on her work counter--paper thin slivers of bright purple beets, bright orange sweet potatoes, and creamy white celeriac. These were then tossed in olive oil and baked at 220 degrees for 4-5 minutes to a golden crisp. I tried it. Didn't work. Pfft. My lack of a mandolin might have had something to do with it...In any case, I turned to my trusty vegetable peeler, lowered the temperature to 120 degrees, baked my slightly deformed slices for 20 minutes, slapped on some aluminium foil and baked them for another 15 minutes. Not as satisfyingly crunchy as I would've liked..colours are pretty though :P so if anyone has an easy recipe for oven baked crisps, I would love to try it :)

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  1. Sorry...not into crisps of any kind, except keropok...if you regard those as crisps! LOL!!!