Sunday, March 7, 2010

Jade: Bitemysushi #2

I love how the saltiness of pan fried luncheon meat complements the barely there sweetness of rice. And since I had bits of everything lying around, it seemed the most natural thing to do to wrap it all up in another fat sushi roll. Oiisshiiii...So much for my carb free diet..pfft


  1. hmmm perhaps I shd try making sushi too...not wth raw fish tho! i really like your biteme-s...its so cute and rythmatic ^.^

  2. yes you should! and I know yours will turn out gorgeous like everything else you make:) you'll never eat sushi off a conveyer belt again. so much healthier too. aww thanks zurin *blush*

  3. My daughter loves Japanese... Me, not really - old man - retarded tastebuds already, I guess! Sobs! LOL!!!

  4. never too late to refresh those tastebuds ;) hehehe

  5. jade, marry me!
    gawd, if you say sushi is 'quick to whip up', i should give serious thought to my maggi mee meals.

    I love your blog, you guys. makes me just so hungry!

    x x yi